Spandauer Velours presents the first kindergarten cup

In one week it´s time to play, have fun and support the next generation! According to the motto „Building the future together“ we will present the first “Spandauer Velours kindergarten cup“ in cooperation with the football club SV Heinrichsort/Rödlitz e.V, on May 15, 2019 from 9-13 p.m..

Four different kindergartens compete against each other on the sports field in Heinrichsort. Already now the preparations are at full blast. The football club has already distributed the jerseys to the kindergartens in Lichtenstein, Hohndorf, Rödlitz and Heinrichsort. Also we can be very happy about our trainer jerseys and are already excited to see the ambition of the kids! Families and friends of all the kids are also warmly invited to cheer on their little football stars from the sideline.


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