Small footballers pretty big – successfully we look on our first Spandauer Velours kindergarten cup

Once playing soccer like the big players. A dream that came true for four kindergartens in the region Lichtenstein. At our first Spandauer Velours kindergarten cup on the sports fields of soccer club SV Heinrichsort/Rödlitz e.V. the young football players of the kindergarten „Rappelkiste“ Hohndorf, „Regenbogen“ Rödlitz, „Zwergenhaus am Wald“ Heinrichsort and „Knirpsenland“ Lichtenstein could prove that even at a young age you can show talent for the round football leather.

Obviously, during the 15-minute round tournament the fun and joy of playing football together were in the foreground. From the start the little kickers competed at exciting games in which the teams on-field, as well as their parents, grandparents and friends on the edge of the field gave everything. In the end the kindergarten „Regenbogen“ from Rödlitz had the most accurate team. But also the other kindergartens didn´t must to hide. At the award ceremony everybody could be happy because nobody left the field as a loser. Every player got a medal as well as a trophy and every kindergarten received a custom football. The kids were also allowed to take their football jerseys as memory at home.

We are proud to have been the organizers of this great tournament, where we could live together the strong ties to the region, the youth development and the enthusiasm for the sport. We thank the marketing agency „Mindwork“ as well as Nils Dauer, the junior coach of the SV Heinrichsort/Rödlitz e.V. and his voluntary supporters for the excellent organization and support.



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