We made it! We passed the practical final examination with excellence.

In November 2019, we were already able to congratulate both of them on passing the practical intermediate examination.

Yesterday, the time had come: Mostafa Shokri and Mostafa Seyyed Hashemi had to apply their knowledge and skills from 2 years of training in their practical final examination, consisting of a work sample and a technical discussion. After the end of the exams, we and our two trainees were feverishly awaiting the exam results and are happy that both passed with excellent results - congratulations!

Mostafa Shokri learned the profession of machine and plant operator in the textile technology sector and Mostafa Seyyed Hashemi was trained in the textile finishing sector. On the photo you can see them with their trainers Mrs. Lewerenz and Mr. Lorenz, who are both very proud of their protégés.

Due to the Corona pandemic, the written exams have been postponed nationwide and therefore the announcement of the results has also been postponed. Nevertheless, we are confident that the results will be just as good and are looking forward to taking over our two trainees soon.

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