That was the third Spandauer Velours Kindergarten Cup

Last Wednesday, 24.05.2023, four kindergartens finally had the chance to compete against each other again at the 3rd Spandau Velours Kindergarten Cup. The kindergartens from Heinrichsort, Mülsen, Rödlitz and Lichtenstein thus had a fun, but also exciting day with lots of thrills at the sports field in Heinrichsort.

The weather conditions were not particularly good: we were lucky to get through the day without rain, but it was very cold. But the kids didn't let that get to them. They started the day in a good mood and full of motivation. After a short welcome and team introduction, led by Nils Dauer, the Kindergarten Cup could begin.

Of course, the kids were strongly cheered on. Parents, grandparents and even the rest of the kindergarten from Heinrichsort were there to support them. Members of the SV Heinrichsort took care of the referee positions and catering, so that the tournament could be held under the best conditions.

After six exciting games, cheering, tears and hugs, the kindergarten Rödlitz (in the orange jerseys) won the Kindergarten Cup. The following places were taken by Mülsen, Lichtenstein and Heinrichsort. We asked the children from Rödlitz why they won. Their answer: many fast and good players, as well as a great teamwork.

Before the award ceremony, there was a little refreshment. The kids could get some Wiener and rolls and the spectators could warm up with tea, coffee and much more.

And then it got really exciting again. Because now there was a 9-metre shoot-out, in which one educator from each kindergarten aimed at the goal with one of our managing directors, Dominik Voggenreiter from Spandauer Velours, as the goalkeeper. In the end, the educator from Mülsen decided the elimination process in his favour and thus secured a golden trophy at the award ceremony. But at our Kindergarten Cup, everyone is a winner and therefore there was a cup for every kindergarten and a medal for every child.

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