Snowflakes are the butterflies of winter.

The year 2020 was a real challenge for many due to the coronavirus. Reason enough to look forward to the new year with hope and give it a chance. We wish you and yours happiness, success, confidence and above all health for the new year.

Your team from Spandauer Velours

Day by day it is getting colder and now and then you can see a few white flakes. It may not be long before the big snow flurry breaks over us.
But even though the white splendour sometimes brings its share of trouble, the snow is still quite beautiful to look at.
Sometimes you just have to look at the snowflakes as if through a child's eyes.
With this in mind, get through the day well with our colours col. 211, col. 3684, col. 9302, col. 9323 and col. 4646 from the 7815 Gerry uni CS collection.

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