Promoting young talent in a different way

We are always happy to be able to support young talents and bring them forward, not only in our own ranks.

In April 2021, we received a request from Anna-Maria Gerisch for fabric samples. She had started her master craftsman training in interior design in March 2021 and needed velour for her masterpiece. The practical examination for interior decorators consists of making a fully furnished bunk with wallpaper, wall bracing, carpeting, plastic covering, window decoration, sun or privacy protection system and an upholstery piece.

In preparation for the master's examination, there was a practice course for which Anna-Maria had already made a practice bunk in the form of a group work. Different styles were given in which hotel rooms were to be furnished. Anna-Maria's group "Art Nouveau in Barcelona" covered an armchair with a blue velvet from our range. In addition, the group "Baroque in Dresden" was also able to refine an armchair with the help of a red velvet from our range.

This summer, after 1 ½ years, Anna-Maria successfully obtained her title as master interior decorator at the HWK Dresden.
We are pleased about the joint cooperation, congratulate her on successfully passing her master's title and wish the stage decorator at the Altenburg-Gera Theatre all the very best for her future!
We continue to be open to supporting and promoting future master craftswomen and master craftsmen!

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