Nevertheless, it‘s Christmas again.

"The most difficult time in our life is the best opportunity, to develop inner strength." - Dalai Lama

For all of us it has been a year characterized by constant change, major restrictions but also new experiences. Often, changes are accompanied by insecurity and we take this as an occasion to hold on to tradition.

Christmas and the approaching new year invite each of us to take a moment to thank those who have shared our path and significantly shaped our year. In our case we would like to thank you for the trust placed in us, your loyalty and the cooperation.

As much as we are longing for the normality we are used to, there can also be seen a chance in every crisis. We are looking forward to a year full of challenges and hope to master it together with your support.

Nobody knows what the future will bring. Despite all circumstances try to enjoy some days of silence and joy and hold on to the peaceful thoughts of Christmas time.


Your Spandauer Velours Team


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