“It’s the little things in life that matter.” – George Bernhard Shaw

Heard many times, but still not internalised. It's also difficult, because this statement is usually lost in the noise of everyday life: constantly new text messages 💬, emails overflowing the inbox 📧 and the social media world showing you everything you need and don't have yet.

And that's where the little things come in that we so often forget about because they get lost in the big picture: Things that we like, that make us happy and with which we associate something beautiful. Is it the piece of chocolate, the favourite song on the radio or the scent of flowers in your own garden?
These little treasures of everyday life give us a short time out, a moment for us to enjoy.

With the colours of our collection 7857 Verl CS col. 7190, col. 2233, col. 7192, col. 5129 and col. 348 we wish you a wonderful start into August with balmy summer nights and many moments of happiness!

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