Coffee is happiness that you can drink.

Especially in the dark season, it's hard to leave the warm, cosy bed in the morning. That's when the cup of coffee is the first highlight of the day. When the aroma of freshly brewed coffee fills the air and you hold the warming drink in your hands, the feeling of security lasts a little longer before the daily routine begins.

Even throughout the day, the coffee break is a little retreat in itself. A few minutes in which you can hang out with your thoughts and just be for yourself.

Today, on International Coffee Day, you can celebrate and enjoy this little moment of bliss just a little bit more.

With the colour combination of our 7840 Viola CS col. 6263, col. 2104, col. 2006, col. 9149 and col. 8230 collection, we wish you an energetic day with a good cup of coffee.

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