Between buffet, bar and visitors: Spandauer Velours had good reason to celebrate last Friday.

From (West) Berlin to Lichtenstein in Saxony, from a manufacturer of upholstery fabrics to one of the leading manufacturers of velour and plush fabrics: in purely factual terms, this is how one could describe the development of our company over the past 35 years. But emotionally, these few words cannot capture in the least what the 35th anniversary of Spandauer Velours and the 30th anniversary of our location in Lichtenstein mean to us. Since such an important date in the company's history cannot and should not be allowed to pass by without a fuss, a big anniversary celebration took place last Friday on our premises at the old boiler house - and the guests, i.e. our employees and their companions, as well as future trainees, were treated to something special.

Due to the uncertain weather situation, the event was initially planned in the boiler house, but due to the punctual arrival of sunshine, it was held outdoors as hoped, and the guests were able to refresh themselves at the well-stocked bar. Especially for the employees who came by after the early shift, an after-work beer or wine was just right.  And as it happens: where there is drinking, there is also eating. Sachsen Catering Glauchau provided a large buffet with a wide range of fresh grilled meats, bread, jacket potatoes, salads and desserts for everyone to enjoy.

Of course, the managing directors, Steffen Martin and Dominik Voggenreiter, each addressed the guests with a short opening speech and thanked all employees who have contributed to making Spandauer Velours what it is today - a leading manufacturer of painting and cleaning plushes as well as contract fabrics.

An interesting point on the agenda, especially for the accompanying persons, were the factory tours conducted by department manager (weaving mill) Peter Hummel, Rainer Ott from sales as well as managing director Mr. Voggenreiter and Mr. Martin himself, giving them an insight into what their loved ones actually do at work all day. And of course, the little ones were not left out on this day either. With a bouncy castle and stations where they could try their hand at milking cows or test their strength together with their mum or dad at the "Hau-den-Lukas", there was plenty for them to experience. We were also supported by the Lichtenstein fire brigade, which was also a guest with a fire engine and the challenge of shooting cans with the jet from the fire hose.

We would like to thank all participants and guests who made the event, which we put so much energy into preparing, a small annual highlight and a real success for us.


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