However, a modern machine pool alone is no guarantee for high-quality production. A high number of skilled professionals ensure that production runs smoothly and your orders are delivered on time. Our employees regularly undergo further training so that you benefit from the best possible service and your concerns are always taken into account.

A modern fire protection concept including a sprinkler system that covers all production, storage and administration areas not only protects production and warehouse facilities, but also of course of our employees.

By coordinating your needs and maintaining stock levels in our high-bay storage facility with over 1,200 pallet spaces, you can reduce stock levels in your company premises while still being able to access stocks at short notice.

An energy management system certified to DIN EN ISO 50001 ensures that the media required for the production of your orders are used rationally and efficiently to protect our natural resources.

Made in Germany.

Peter Hummel

Head of Weaving and Preparation