Stunningly good job opportunities | Apprenticeship as a mechatronics engineer (m/f/d)

Your fuel provides power. Good material can only be produced through your involvement. With our experience, we know exactly what we're talking about and offer you the best opportunities to make it to the top in your training as a MECHATRONICIAN (m/f/d).

Without you, nothing can run here, and only with you can STOFF production run. You will be involved in the assembly, operation and maintenance of complex production plants and systems. This also includes measuring and testing all components and programming controls. Troubleshooting and specific repair work are part of your job. We offer a lot of variety, many opportunities for courageous co-design and strong team cohesion.

You will receive support from our trainers during the two-year apprenticeship.

It pays to be good. Because with us, you'll receive appropriate CASH and we'll make sure you get to the training company safely, with a Schülerverbund card or a gas voucher. You have proven yourself? Our TESTIMONIALS let numbers speak instead of words and since we don't like to let talented people go, the chances of you being taken on by our company are very good.

Find out whether the training MECHATRONICIAN (m/f/d) fits you and your wishes! Take a look at our website and find out about our TRAINING OPPORTUNITIES.

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