Spandauer Velours presents…

Who do we have here? Our product research developed a whole new object fabric, namely S 143 Viola Melange CS col. 4748.
To everyone who is thinking about coffee, we are deeply sorry to tell you that you are slightly off the target. But just like with a good Viennese Melange – consisting of one part of coffee, one part of milk and milk foam – also our Viola is a good mixture.
The bicolour design comes from the ‘melange effect’, that arises when the yarn is mixed and spun from different-coloured fibres.
Our turquoise is a mixture of blue and green and harmonizes body and soul. It conveys harmony and security and has a calming but still refreshing effect just like a glimpse to the sea.
This colour promotes clear thoughts and communication, symbolizes freedom, self-confidence, elegance, serenity and sociability. And also humour, openness, honest< and distance are associated with turquoise. The matt contract fabric is made of 100 % flame-retardant Trevira CS fibres.

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