Spandauer Velours presents…

Today we present two new developments! S 252 Solveige CS and S 453 flat weave on both sides, both in colour col. 9100.

Both contract fabrics are shiny flat weaves with a textured look. They look confusingly similar, but S 453 flat weave is woven on both sides compared to S 252 Solveige CS. You have to look twice.

The metallic colour of both is a mixture of platinum with gold. This gives the fabrics a particularly noble and unique look. Precious metals like gold and platinum are associated with wealth, glamour, expensive jewellery and high quality. Furthermore, they are associated with a powerful, healing and harmonising effect.

Our two flatweaves are made entirely of Trevira CS fibres and are flame retardant due to the special fibres.

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