Spandauer Velor at the UNITI expo: Innovation for a flawless car wash

Our sales representative Rainer Ott visited our customers at UNITI expo, the leading trade fair for car washes and gas stations.

With exhibitors from over 30 countries and an impressive number of members, UNITI expo is undoubtedly the heart of the industry. A few quick figures: UNITI has around 1,000 members with around 6,200 gas stations in Germany alone.

At Spandauer Velours, we are proud to supply all the well-known outfitters who operate not only throughout Europe, but also overseas, such as the USA. Our highly technical plush fabrics, specially developed for use at the beginning and end of textile washing systems, stand for German quality and innovation.

With our technology we guarantee a perfect car wash, from adding detergent to drying and polishing. Because at Spandauer Velours we rely on high-tech to give your vehicles the shine they deserve.

We can do high-tech – and not just for the perfect car wash.

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