Our apprentices 2017

This year, again four of our apprentices successfully completed their apprenticeship. After a two-year training as machine and plant operators, Michael (in the image on the right) and Justin (who is unfortunately not shown in the image) stay with us. In a further year of training they want to become a production pechanic respectively a product refiner.

Selina (in the middle of the image) completed her three-year apprenticeship as an industrial management assistant and now works in our sales department. Jasmin (in the image on the left) works for us, too, and was hired as a weaver after completing her two-year apprenticeship as a machine and plant operator in Textile Technology.

Spandauer Velours GmbH & Co. KG is proud of their committed apprentices. We wish all of them a good start and we are looking forward to proceed with our pleasant and constructive teamwork.

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