Mirko Kunze | mechatronics engineer

“As a mechatronics engineer in the field of locksmithery and maintenance, I have been taking care in various task areas since the company change to Spandauer Velours in January 2016. In addition to the maintenance and repair of building technology, machinery and boilers, I can also show my technical understanding in the lead of lifting platforms and conveyor vehicles as well as the assembly and disassembly of machinery. It fascinates me that the technology is constantly evolving and in this way you never stop learning. It is particularly close to my heart to reliably pass on my acquired knowledge to new apprentices and to train them. With ambition I am therefore additionally active in the field of training of industrial mechanics. I appreciate not only the regular working hours in the company, but also the ability to bring in your own ideas for improvements and renewal at any time. Teamwork and independence are belongs to my strengths. These are a help to me in the constant exchange and contact to colleagues and external companies – another essential part of my professional life.”

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