Jasmin has been with us since 2012. Previously, she had started an apprenticeship as a product tester, but became aware of Spandauer Velours through a newspaper article and finally started her apprenticeship as a machine and plant operator in the field of textile technology with us. In the meantime, she has been working as a weaver's assistant and as a trainee on the weaving machines in our weaving mill. Among other things, she is responsible for tying the warp threads.

Jasmin has versatile skills, which makes her an absolute all-rounder in our weaving mill.

There is never a dull moment during her shift: everything runs one after the other and she always has to keep a cool head and an overview.

What Jasmin particularly appreciates about us are her colleagues and the good team. It's nice that you are with us and that you enrich our team.

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