9-meter shoot-out and award ceremony: Who will win the challenge cup?

Before the award ceremony, there was the popular 9-meter shoot-out. Our managing director, Steffen Martin, stood in goal and was able to keep almost all the balls from the unerring educators. Only one goal, scored by the kindergarten teacher from the Regenbogen kindergarten, slipped past him. The challenge cup thus went to the Regenbogen kindergarten.

The Kindergarten Knirpsenland won the Kita Cup, thanks to their tactics and lots of practice. But with us, everyone is a winner, which is why Nils Dauer, the organizer, presented each child with a medal and certificate. There was also a trophy for each group as a memento.

At the end, everyone was treated to a delicious ice cream from Mrs. Hoppe from the Kampanile ice cream parlor in Mülsen.
Happy and exhausted, we headed back. We are already looking forward to next year.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved for making this wonderful event possible.

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