Our products cover a wide range of applications. We distinguish between high-tech plush fabrics, which are mainly used in the paint roller and cleaning industry, and modern velour fabrics for commercial interiors.


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textile fabrics

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Extensive intermediate and final inspections ensure that your orders are manufactured to the quality specified by, which in turn ensures excellent further processing properties.

Informative test certificates tailored to your individual needs means less work for your quality assurance department. What is more, a complete visual inspection of goods ensures that you are only charged for faultless goods.

As part of a quality management system certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001, all production steps and test procedures are defined and documented, which meets all requirements of your supplier audit. We have a modern merchandise management system that allows us to provide you with detailed answers to any questions you may have about your orders and we can carry out analyses at any time.


Product development

Benefit from the advisory expertise of our highly qualified product development team with regard to materials and technical implementation to obtain the right solution for your application or to optimise your existing product range.

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A high willingness to invest and a modern machine pool ensure that your orders are produced as quickly as possible and to a high quality and that you benefit from gains in efficiency in the long term. We continuously monitor all production steps, which means your orders are produced on time and adjustments can be made even at short notice. In addition, you can be safe in the knowledge that your development expertise stays within the company.

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Spandauer Velours GmbH & Co. KG, a leading manufacturer of velour and plush fabric, has been a successful market player for over 30 years. The company's focus is on high-grade velour and plush fabrics for the paint roller and cleaning industry as well as for commercial interiors. Our more than 200 customers worldwide include well-known paint roller manufacturers and cleaning companies, leading textile houses and commercial interior outfitters as well as many small and medium-sized companies.

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10 reasons for Spandauer velours

Professional competence

Benefit from more than 30 years of successful velour production. Our solutions are as individual and diverse as your needs.

Machine pool

A modern machine pool not only ensures high quality products, it also means we can react flexibly to your demand peaks.

Product development

Benefit from a highly qualified product development team. We work closely with suppliers, research and testing institutes, which means you have access not only to well-established knowledge, but also to the latest findings.

Own production

Full monitoring of all production steps ensures that your orders are produced on time and in the right quality and that the expertise stays within the company

Quality management

A regularly certified quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001 ensures consistent quality and reproducibility of your items and fulfils all requirements of your supplier audit

Test laboratory

Extensive intermediate and final inspections ensure that your quality requirements are met and that your goods are perfectly prepared for all downstream manufacturing processes.


All our velour fabrics comply with legal environmental regulations and limits. Furthermore, a certified energy management system according to DIN EN ISO 50001 ensures that all resources used for the production of your orders are used rationally and efficiently.


You can be sure that we adhere to all standards, fire safety and ethical guidelines that comply with your requirements.

Outstanding service

Our employees regularly undergo training, which means you benefit from the best possible service.

Complete inspection of goods

We subject all goods to a complete visual inspection and you are only charged for faultless goods.


Well-dosed give and take

Another technical textile in the cleaning plush category is Plush 1327. The white, high-quality microfibre velour contains a purple polyester yarn blend. This blend gives the velour excellent water absorption and release. Although polyesters are also found in nature, today they are more commonly understood to refer to a large family of plastics.

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Our new trainees are here!

On 1 September, we welcomed three new apprentices (from left to right): Marvin Pöller, Jonas Seltmann and Lenny Reichel with finishing instructor Rene Lorenz. Marvin and Jonas from Lichtenstein have decided to train as machine and plant operators with a focus on textile finishing and are attending the BSZ e.o. plauen for the theoretical content. […]

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Support for Lichtenstein firefighters

Last weekend was a very special one for the Lichtenstein fire brigade: with the 160th anniversary of the volunteer fire brigade and 70 years of the fire brigade brass band, there were two big anniversaries to celebrate. On both Saturday and Sunday, there was plenty of music, delicious food and drinks, as well as a […]

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“A dream is essential if you want to shape the future.” – Victor Hugo

Dream big, work hard, make it happen. – A good guiding principle for making your dreams come true. Because if you really want something, you will find ways to achieve your goal. 🏁 It happens that the first way isn’t the best right away, but as we all know, the head is round so that […]

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